A few weeks ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and reveal my answers to a few questions posed by Steve Harvey from Chapter 8 of Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success.  Since that time, I have traveled three weeks in a row for work while dealing with a sinus infection.  So it sort of felt like the universe was working against me and my plans.  I then had a few options:
1.  Quit
2.  Keep Moving
3.  Procrastinate

I chose a combination of the three options, I procrastinated for a few days and then I decided it was time to keep moving towards our goals.

When I originally wrote the post for Chapter 8, I thought sharing my personal story would motivate others to write down their own plans.  Since our goals should be personalized to our circumstances,  the goal I have chosen to share may seem either simplistic or complicated depending on your point of view.   Either opinion you hold is your opinion but at least my posting will allow you to either begin to formulate a plan for yourself or revise your plan.

So without further time to contemplate all the reasons not to share, here are my personal answers:

GOAL: Open A Non-profit Community Center

1.  Do you need to take this journey with someone else to ensure that you will keep your word? It has been my experience that I am more productive when I take others along the journey with me.  For example, I have been more committed to my own personal development since writing this blog.

2.  Will it be better to go solo to stay focused? I am planning my journey as a solo one way trip with no monetary or housing resources.  Interpretation,  knowing that I have no one else to depend on but myself allows me to realize and accept that only I have the power to create my center.  That means if I want to do the good things that I envision this facility could be for the community I will have to be intentional with my efforts.

3.  What kind of milestones do you need to keep yourself on track? I am choosing to use my children’s growth as my personal milestones.  The first objective towards my goal has to be completed by the birthday of my youngest child.  This strategy allows me a year to complete each step of my process. (Hopefully it won’t take me that long but I am conscious of my reality that I am the mother of an infant and toddler)

4.  Are there better times to execute certain parts of your journey than other?  The simplistic answer is yes.  The complicated answer is that I must plan out my journey concisely because my time of availability is when the little ones are asleep. For this reason I plan my week and utilize my lunch hour as time to work my plan.  I also take at least four hours on Saturdays as additional preparation time.

So there you have it, a brief glimpse into what I am working on.  There is an additional resource I chose to utilize in order to make my progress more tangible. I joined the Success Magazine Start Small, Win Big Challenge of 2015.

Til next time,
“It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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