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Welcome to a recap of Chapter 6 Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success.  This week’s topic was “Knowing Your Gift and Putting It Into the Right Vehicle” which is a great method for identifying the next steps in your progression towards the identification and attainment of your gift.  There were many times throughout this chapter when I felt as if Steve was talking to me directly.  I could hear him saying my name and pushing me to get prepared for my next vehicle.  It was ironic to me that earlier this year I had an Aha moment that it was time for a change so I joined a Professional Association and began working towards additional skills.

There was no way I could have known that this one change or the switching of vehicles would result in this full hearted statement – CHANGING VEHICLES WORKS.  It re-energizes you and it allows you to look for additional opportunities. Hopefully you will experience this revelation for yourselves very shortly.  Until then, here are my favorite quotes and the questions for reflection.  Enjoy!

Favorite Quotes:
“Similar to a trademark, your gift mark is the stamp that you leave on the world every time you use your God-given talents and skills at your highest.” – Steve Harvey

“Once you uncover your gift, find that distinctive touch that will make your gift stand out and shine” – Steve Harvey

“Finding the right vehicle for your gift will be the key to moving your gift from a dream to a reality.” – Steve Harvey

” If you notice that you are working hard and smart, connected to a vehicle and clear on your vision, but every day you seem to move less and less, it’s time to upgrade.” – Steve Harvey

” Tailor your vehicle for your gift and your journey, and you will always be in the right ride.” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection :
1. Is there something that you always wished you could purchase because it would fill a need you have?  Have you considered creating it for yourself?  Consider your gift as that item to fill an unmet need, now how would you package it for the world?

2.  What does Steve Harvey call a gift mark?

3.  Have you already identified your next vehicle?  What are the standard features which would let you know it is a good fit for you?

4. What vehicles have your used to get to where you currently are?  What didn’t you learn from them?  Your answer becomes part of your decision making for selecting the next vehicle?

5.  Do you know people who have stayed with the same vehicle for too long?  What is your impression of them?  Is it possible that you maybe one of those people?

6.  Identify at least one of each areas to pursue this week:  A new class or A new professional organization

7.  Do you have any hijackers accompanying you on your journey towards your dream?

Application Steps: Take out your journal and write the answers to each of the success action questions

Til next time,
“Liberty without Learning is always in peril and Learning without Liberty is always in vain” – John F. Kennedy

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