Happy Monday!

I know its not typically a day of celebration if you work a Monday – Friday 8-5 job.  For most people, it is the day you realize that you didn’t get as much rest as you intended but then we drink our morning coffee and we are off and running ready to get the day’s activities started.  Or maybe that is just me.  Its interesting I hated coffee until the mighty two some entered my life, 4years old & 16 months, making coffee one of my daily essential vitamins.

This brings me to chapter 5 of Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success.  Chapter 5: Not What You Are Paid For, but What You Were Made For.”   I must say the chapter title reminded me a lot of Mondays – both are things we inherently know are applicable to our lives and each require embracing but we often dread them until they arrive.  We can’t see our potential because we are unable to focus or attentions past the money we need to make to care for our families.  We delay pursuing what we are made for because we fear failure.  We dread Mondays because they signify the end of our weekend.

But have faith, you are one step closer to your potential.  You are one step closer to pursuing what you were made for.  So here are my observations from Chapter 5, hopefully they will bring you one step closer to identifying your gift.

Favorite Quotes :
“Your gift is the single thing that you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort.” – Steve Harvey

“Our gift is not the job we have that we think is better than everyone else’s” – Steve Harvey

“But your job is not your gift.  It may be one of the places where  you can use your gift” – Steve Harvey

“Your gift exists because you do” – Steve Harvey

“Passion is the emotion, but it is never the gift” – Steve Harvey

“Use your talents, but know that it will be your gift that puts you in the presence of great people” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection :
1.  Think about the last person you allowed to have influence of major decisions in your life and/or career.  It that the kind of person you want to be?  Do they have the kind of life you want for yourself?  If the answer to both are no – why are you listening to them?

2. In the words of Steve Harvey, “What do you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort?”

3. Is your job your gift or a place where you can utilize your gifts?  Is your answer one of complacency or one of adventure, looking forward to the next day?

4. Think of the tasks and the skills you utilize at your job each day.  Write each talent down.  Now write down those things that everyone turns to you to fix at your job.  Next go back and highlight in a bright color the skills that you can take with you when you leave this employer.

Til next time,
” If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow,  we aren’t really living” -Gail Sheehy

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