Happy Success Monday! Its a great day to begin working on your dreams.

A day when rest and relaxation becomes a memory.

A day when the road not taken can lead to regret or frustration.  Since accomplishing your goals depends on planning and implementation, I thought it would be best to move posts related to this book to a new day. 

A day in which you will make more time to “work harder on yourself than on your job” – Jim Rohn.

Also a day in which you remember the importance of following your dreams.  As you plan the remainder of the week and especially your weekend, let’s delve into Chapter Four and identify tips you can implement.

Favorite Quotes:
“Perishing is the dangerous state of living in a mundane existence without even realizing it.” – Steve Harvey

“By failing to have a vision, you are stripping yourself of every possible blessing, relationship, and opportunity” – Steve Harvey

“You can’t expect to create a new life and a new vision for yourself if laziness is part of your routine” – Steve Harvey

“Another way to put your state of perishing into perspective is to realize that one day your life will come to an end” – Steve Harvey

“If you’ve still got breath in your lungs and blood running through your veins, you’ve got another day to make your dash count” – Steve Harvey

“But, which is worse – leaping and falling and getting back up, or living your life regretting that you never leaped at all?” –  Steve Harvey

“We think that motivation comes from somewhere else, but our greatest motivation is inside of us” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection:
1.  Are you in a state of perishing or flourishing?  What traits or actions support your self characterization?

2.  Do you have a vision?  Do you need a new vision?  Are you participating in activities that support your vision? What would that vision look like?

3.  Think about your current life and analyze your daily activities, is laziness a part of your daily routine?  What are the top three things you can do today to remove laziness from your life?

4.  Think about your friends and family, are you the smartest person in your group?  Are you experiencing personal growth or are you staying in the same position you were in a year ago?

5.  What are you doing with the dash in between your date of birth and your eventual date of death?  Are you making dash deposits each day?

6.  True or  False   I am allowing fear of the unknown to keep me from my destiny

7.  What is your “out-of-the-jar, no-holds-barred” dream that you have?

Application Step: Follow the steps indicated in the area entitles Success Actions.

Til next time,
“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
― Jim Rohn

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