Welcome to another Think Like a Success Thursday (This time on a Tuesday)!

I hope you are finding these first chapters enjoyable and useful to your current life circumstances.  As we approach chapter 3 and week 3, I am finding that the subtitles for each chapter truly emphasize the principle which is being highlighted.  Take the lid of the jar means remove the barrier to your full potential.

As I read Steve’s memory of his childhood teacher, I could relate to this story as I too have had a teacher like this.  I suspect at least one of you reading this post has either experienced a teacher or a trusted adult who has told you that your dream was unrealistic as well.  The question is, did you have a parent or anyone that validated you?  Are you validating someone else?

This was a hard chapter for me as it made me really look at myself in the mirror and say, take your lid off.  I actually realized that I had at least 3 yes answers to the seven questions posed.  How about you?  Were you surprised by your answers?  While you contemplate the answer to that question, here are my favorite quotes and the questions for reflection:

Favorite Quotes:

“But you can’t allow yourself to be held down by what your parents did or the limitations in your immediate environment.  You have to take the lid off of your expectations and dream big.” Steve Harvey

“You can’t concern yourself or try to duplicate the action of others around you” Steve Harvey

“Far too many times we have stunted our own growth, and we have impeded our leap because of the opinions of others” Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection:

1.  Is there something from your childhood that is holding you down?  Can you remove this by yourself or do you need assistance?  Where can you get help, if applicable?

2.  Who have you allowed to influence you and as a result limited your jumping ability?

3.  When was the first time you put a lid on your ability?  When was the last time you put that lid on your potential?

4.  Who are you allowing to kill your dreams?  Why have you given them so much power?

5.  Who was the first person to validate your dream?  Who is your biggest cheerleader today?  How much influence are you allowing them to have in your life?

6.  Think about your life at this moment — Is your lid still on?

Application Step: Utilizing the questions Mr. Harvey posed in this section, which of those can you relate to?

Til next time,
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it..” – Henry Ford

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