Happy Think Like A Success Thursday!

It is bitterly cold in my Southern Neck of the United States.  The cold, ice and snow has led to all sorts of inconveniences such as lost electricity, school closings,  delayed business openings and car accidents of all types.   This weather reminds me of the lesson Chapter 2 is centered around – learning from our failures.

As many people know, GA went through a pretty terrible ice storm in early 2014 that left many people stranded in schools, buses,  and interstates shut down.  This included children stuck overnight at school and people abandoning cars on the road so that they could make it home.  But this time, a little over a year later, GA got it right.   The state learned from the lessons of the 2014 ice storm and made adjustments to its response.  And you know what, while the citizens may be a tad inconvenienced we have all adjusted our own familial responses as well.  As a result, we are each safer.

That is what Mr. Harvey is profiling in this chapter and below are my favorite quotes and this week’s questions.

Favorite Quotes from Chapter 2:
“You have to convince yourself that the possibility is greater than the inevitability of doing nothing” – Steve Harvey

“Failure is not here to defeat you, but to give you the power to gain those life experiences that you can come back to and learn from again and again” – Steve Harvey

“The key to our opportunities lies in our decisions” – Steve Harvey

The discussion of a topic such as fear and failure can actually lead people to have increased feelings of inadequacy so this I am simplifying your questions for reflection.  I want you to actually document your answers then go back and re-read this chapter.  This way you begin to condition your mind to look for the lessons specific to you and your circumstances.

Questions for Reflection :
What are you afraid of?  Are there any fears you were forced to face over the last 365 days? If so, what were the results.

Which life experiences have contributed to your best lessons learned out of failure? 

Did your past failures turn you into a positive person or contribute to your negative view of the world? How has your answer impacted your relationships?

According to Mr. Harvey: In order to get the _____ you want, you have to make the _____ to ___.  List 3 ways this principle has benefited you in the last 5 years?  Use those benefits to build up your courage to change.

Learning what ___ to do is just as valuable as knowing what ___ do. 

Action Step:  List each thing you fear on paper by hand in this manner: I am afraid of…. .  Begin lisying each fear with the same I am phrasing. Walk away from your list for one day then look at it again.  This time, rewrite each fear in this manner: I overcame …
Every week on the same day of the week, repeat to yourself what you wrote that you overcame.

Til next time,
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas A. Edison

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