Welcome to the inaugural post regarding the reading of Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success by Steve Harvey.  I find it interesting that he subtitles his introduction as Your Gift is Calling..Are You Ready to Answer? This reminds me of a commercial I once saw for a tourist area that I cannot recall the name of but it had a catchy slogan that was something like, your life is calling.  The scenery was of water, sandy beaches, and blue skies.

The introduction of this book also reminds me of sandy beaches and blue skies but in a different manner. Mr. Harvey details how you will benefit from reading his book with one of the main themes being that we will expand the skills we currently possess AND we can start where we are at this moment.  So without further adieu, here are my favorite quotes and my questions for our reflection.

Favorite Quotes from the Introduction:
“Life is more than wading through a lifeless job, earning a gold watch, and cashing in your 401(k).  Your life has to be more than just waiting for the right opportunity to come along and find you.  Your life has to be more than just marking time watching others achieve success.” – Steve Harvey

“Incorporating your gift into your life and sharing it with others will bring you joy, passion, and a new vigor for living life to the fullest.” – Steve Harvey

“Everyone who comes with you cannot go with you” – Steve Harvey

“When you really take on acting like a success and thinking like a success, you can have all the riches that life has to offer” – Steve Harvey

Questions for Reflection:
When was the last time you took inventory of your life?  Did you identify your blessings and your achievements during that process or did you focus on the things going wrong?  Now is a great time to do an inventory

What are some amazing things going on in your life at this time that you did not plan for?  What challenges have you made it through?  Is there anything you learned about yourself during that time that you can draw on today to become a success?

What are your dreams?  Have you said them out loud recently?  Have you written them down?  What behavior/circumstance would demonstrate that you have successfully accomplished your dream?

Which statement accurately defines your life? 
A.  Waiting for the right opportunity to come along and find you
B.  Creating your own opportunity

Application Step: Create a vision board, folder, or Pinterest board.  Post it where you will see it each day.  

Til next time,
“Staying successful is as much an art as becoming successful” Steve Harvey

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