Welcome to our first and only Target Think Friday.  Today is a special occasion,  it’s the day we examine Chapter 13 of Think and Grow Rich.  I guess I could have said Happy Friday the thirteenth chapter but it sounded a little cheesy.

I must admit that this was not the easiest of chapters to delve into and I found myself re-reading sections to ensure I grasped what Mr. Hill was attempting to teach me. If this reading were a class requirement in which a test was given at the end of the chapter, I would hope for an open book exam.  So while this chapter was somewhat challenging for me to follow, I was able to extract a gem as my favorite quote:

…all of us are controlled by forces which are unseen and intangible..

This quote reminds me that there are other things in play in our lives outside of what we do within our lives each day.  It reminds me that other people are important and that they have an impact no only on what I do but how I do it. This week I am going to allow myself to be controlled and change up the types of questions I post.

Questions for Contemplation will be posted today instead of questions for reflection.  This is due to the tone of the chapter leaning more towards contemplation of an idea than actual steps toward a specific goal.  So without further delay, here are the questions for contemplation.

1.  Can you recall a time when listening to a song or watching a video has led to the inspiration to do something?  Did you give in to that desire or brush it off as useless? Knowing what you do of this chapter, would you change that behavior today?

2.  Is your imagination providing you with moments of inspiration?  Are you acting on that inspiration or are you sitting back trying to talk yourself out of it?

3.  What is the medium by which you may put into action your brain?  What three things can turn your brain into a broadcasting station?

4.  What does the intangible force that is wrapped up in the soil of the earth provide you with each day? 

5.  The Master Mind Meeting can also be known as Strategy Meetings or Strategic Planning. Do you practice any of these techniques in your personal life? If not, what is stopping you.

Application Step:  If this chapter means nothing to you at this time, mark the page and read it again after you have finished the entire book.

Til next time,
“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.” – Napoleon Hill

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