There comes a time in our lives when we have to take what we call in my


,  a mental health day.  A day where you acknowledge to yourself that you just don’t feel like doing anything and all you want to do is nothing.   That reminds me of the Bruno Mars song, The Lazy Song.  Today I don’t feel like doing anything,  I just want to lay in my bed. Don’t feel like….

What does any of this mean you may ask? That’s what happened to me last week – I just didn’t feel like doing anything and I gave in to that impulse.   So this week, I find myself needing to get back on schedule.   Thus this week’s post includes questions from Chapter 11 and  questions from Chapter 12 will be posted prior to our next Target Think Thursday.  Which means there are only 3 chapters left. Seems like we just began this journey earlier this month.

Well, it has been enough delay already so here are your questions for reflection:

1.  What does Mr. Hill indicate as the only dependable means of accumulating wealth?

2.  What is sex transmutation?   Have you ever been driven by this desire? What were the results?

3.  How can you lift yourself to the status of genius?  Do you possess either of the 2 facts/traits associated with sex transmutation?  Do you want to?

4.  What happens when people are driven by the emotion of sex? Which of the ten mind stimuli  do you respond to?
5.  To become great one must acquire the habit of?  What will it take for you to acquire this skill?

6.  What type of inventor are you?  What process must you follow in order to begin your inventions?  If you aren’t getting thw results you desire, is it time to change your process?

7.  What is a mind stimulant and which of the 10 most common influence you?

8.  What happens to people who lack sex energy?  Based on your personal experience, do you agree or disagree?

9.  At what age does the average person reach the period of their greatest capacity? What is your age?  Are you on track to your greatest capacity?

10.  Genuine information comes through genuine love. Can you think of a time in which you were motivated by love?

Til next time,
No man is happy or complete without the modifying influence of the right woman – Napoleon Hill

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