In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am making a conscious decision to share my own personal story with dealing with a potential diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

The story I am sharing was written in my journal last month to help me get over the fear of cancer as I awaited test results from my secondary screenings for breast cancer.  I am sharing this in an effort to encourage all readers to participate in annual testing.

The Fear of Cancer
The fear of cancer comes upon your home like a thief in the night. It creeps in slowly without warning and often without a sound.  It robs you of your most precious possessions – joy, time, hope, security and replaces them with worry, fear and anxiety.   This thief occupies your mind and deposits an element of horror much like the masked man you find creeping up your stairs.  One day you are blissfully unaware in your home’s(bodies) lack of security and the next you are considering security options of which you never thought would be needed like ultrasounds and biopsy.   And why would you,  these things happened to other people it just doesn’t occur in your neighborhood (body).   People tell you to be strong and not give in to the fear but how can they, who haven’t experienced it, know what it’s like to face the reality of not being able to protect your young kids from this trauma.  How can they know the reality of the shattering of your inner faith.  The fear of cancer weighs heavily on your heart your mind and your home.  It alters your perceptions and impacts your decision making.  It makes the strongest person feel weak and suddenly there isn’t enough time you can spend with the ones you love.

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Attend all medical appointments and participate in medical screenings. You can get another job, another friend, another spouse, another home, but not another life.

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