Here we are at Chapter 9: Persistence.   This chapter reminded me of sayings my family used to say – “If you don’t get it right the first time, try again.”  It’s amazing how these crazy little sayings actually turn out to hold a lot of wisdom which shouldn’t be ignored.

Much like the contents of this chapter, it also contains a lot of wisdom which shouldn’t be ignored.  Two of my favorites includes:

With persistence,  you will win.

Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.

Since my boys are so young and I am beyond my twenties, I maintain journals filled with lessons I want them to learn.  I hope to give these as graduation gifts so the quotes above will definitely make it onto a few pages.  This way, they have a piece of me with them at all times.

Back to the purpose of this post,  I read this chapter and had to remind myself to practice the art of persistence as I turned each page.  I must admit I was a little inpatient so I feel like I may have missed a couple of nuggets of wisdom.  Thus at some point I will re-read it and likely post a few more questions.

Until then, here are your questions for reflection.  ENJOY.

1.  What is persistence?   Do you possess this trait?

2.  The basis of persistence is?

3.  Which of the six steps from Chapter 2 have you accomplished?  If not all, what is holding you back?

4.  What is one of the major causes of failure?

5.  TRUE or FALSE.  Weak desires bring strong results.

6.  What can you do if you are weak in persistence?

7.  What must you do to get results?

8.  What develops without a conscious application of habits favorable to it?

9.  Those who have cultivated the habit of persistence seem to enjoy what?

Application Challenge:
Go back to Chapter 6 and answer all six questions. 

Til next time,
“With persistence,  you will win” – Napoleon Hill

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