A funny thing happened to me a few days ago when I was speaking with my daughter regarding a purchase she wanted me to make for my closet.  I said to her, I can’t afford that.  Being the smart and observant teenager she is, she made this remark – “mom, don’t you always say that we shouldn’t use the words I can’t? ”  You know the only thing I could do was laugh because me being the smart mouth mommy wanted to reply,  “Oh, now you choose to remember what I say?”  Instead, I laughed because she was right and I needed the reminder.

Her words reminded me of a post I read online regarding why we shouldn’t say, “I can’t afford that.”  One of the key lessons we have learned from our readings of Think and Grow Rich is from Chapter 4: Auto Suggestion.   Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts upon ONLY thoughts which have been well-mixed with emotion or feeling. – Napoleon Hill

It is with this understanding that I am choosing to share with you another bloggers perspective on the value of our words and the connection to our thoughts.  Enjoy and feel free to share your opinions.


Til next time,
“If you’re not learning while you’re earning, you’re cheating yourself out of the better portion of your compensation.” – Napoleon Hill

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