Welcome to our next discussion and application of lessons learned from Chapter 3 of Think and Grow Rich.  It is fitting that we are reading this in September, the month of Self-Development.

I must admit reading a book written by the father of self-development during self-development month made me a little giddy.  The fact that this chapter covered Faith made it even more exciting for me.  The poem illustrating the power of what we think is one of my favorites and it encompassed the topic completely. 

Here are the questions for reflection from Chapter 3: Faith:
1.  What is the ____ of the mind?  Do you agree with this statement? Why or Why not?

2.  What is the link between faith and auto-suggestion?  

3.  What must faith be followed by?

4.  Do you believe in yourself?  Do you have faith in your abilities?  In what ways do you demonstrate this to others?

5.  What do you need to put in practice today in order to change your circumstances?

6.  What are the seven principles of faith highlighted?

7.  What is the self-confidence formula?  how can you incorporate the formula in your everyday life?

8.  What is sleeping in your brain?

9.  What can you learn from Charles Schwab, Abraham Lincoln, & Gandhi?

Application tip: Write the think poem and post it where you will see it each day.  Read the poem to yourself every morning replacing “you” with your name or “I”.

Til next time,
“Faith removes limitations” – Napoleon Hill

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