It’s amazing how quickly the week has passed and now we find ourselves with another chapter to discuss.  Are you enjoying the readings?  Are you finding the application questions helpful? It is my hope that your answers were yes. 

The theme of Chapter 2 was Desire.  Desire which overrides not only your own anxiety and insecurities but also the people and situations which will act as distractors from your goal.  I found the story of Blair’s life the most inspiring and he exemplified the power of desire.

His desire was born out of necessity and was all consuming because he was never allowed to view his disability as an obstacle.  He had a desire to succeed which was the result of his father’s burning desire.  You too can impact someone’s life by your desire.  If you are reading this, you have the desire to change so let’s begin our questions of the week.

1.  How did Edwin C. Barnes exemplify the adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover?”  Why did Barnes succeed?

2.  What are your sources of retreat?  What do you need to do in order to burn your ships like the great warriors did?

3.  What do you need to add to your day in order to allow your burning desire to have room to grow?  room to implement a plan?

4.  What did Marshall Fields do differently from his Chicago neighbors?

5.  What is the formula to bring riches? What can you be persistent in tomorrow?

6.  Reflect on the 6 questions for desires to give way to  financial equivalents?   Answer each one and write these answers down.  What else can these 6 steps help you do?

7.  What can you learn from Blair?

Take these 7 questions and write the answers in your journal or on any notepad.   Then re-read the chapter and identify 2 phrases which can be your weekly mantra.  Write each one on a 3×5 note card and post around your home and office.  Read it aloud each time you walk by the card.  This practice will begin training your brain to accept your desire.

Til next time,,

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