Welcome to Target Think Thursday.  Our weekly online meet up to reflect on lessons we have learned from Napoleon Hill’ Think and Grow Rich.  Unfortunately this inaugural post was delayed last week due my being sick but I am back and ready to share.

One important cautionary notification: depending on the version you purchased, this book contains outdated societal references regarding various cultures.  Look past the cultural terminology and remember the book is over fifty years old.  Once you force your brain to get past those references, you will find multiple nuggets of truth to implement.

Because of the delay in posting this information, I have included additional questions for your self-analysis.  Here are this week’s questions for reflection:
1.  According to Mr. Hill, what is needed to turn thoughts into riches?  Do you have what is needed?
2.  What can you learn from Edwin C. Barnes? What was the difference highlighted by his spoken desire?
3.  What is desired defined as?
4.  What had Edison learned from years of experience?
5.  What have psychologists said?  Look back over your life, have you seen this statement demonstrated in your own like?  How did Barnes demonstrate this?  How can you?
6.  According to the author, what a different story men would have to tell if?
7.  What did Barnes have to start with?  What do you have to start with?
8.  What is the common cause of failure?  Look back over your life, have you give in to this common cause?  What did you learn from that process?
9.  What became Darby’s mantra?  What will be your mantra?
10.  How did the child conquer the uncle?  How can you incorporate the traits this child possessed into your life?
11.  What lessons have the school of hard knocks taught you?  Do you analyze your failures to determine the lessons?  If not, take 30 minutes to do so today.
12.  What is needed to achieve success?
13.  What principles helped Ford succeed?
14.  What can you learn from the poet Henley? 
15.  What is needed before you can accumulate riches in great abundance?

Life Application Tip:  Now that you have finished your reading and answered the questions above, make a commitment to repeat your mantra to yourself each time you pass a mirror.  Do this for 45 days.  They say it takes 21 days so doubling that and adding a few more should ensure you have reprogrammed your brain for success.

Til next time,
“If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way” — Napoleon Hill

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