Its hard to believe that last week heralded our last chapter of our group reading.  One lesson I distinctly remember Dr. Stanley highlighting was the importance of finding your niche.   Throughout the various chapters, there were profiles of entrepreneurs as well as character studies of employees.  I believe these contrasts were necessary additions to this book because it emphasizes that it isn’t the occupation that matters, it’s your character and self discipline.

Finding your niche is often a testament to hardwork and preparation.  Sometimes it is just dumb luck that we set out to do one thing and end up with an unexpected but welcome surprise.  My surprise occurred when I chose the shortest checkout line at my local grocery store.  Who could predict that my basket of four items and only one person ahead of me would result in several price checks.  Each check left me with a few minutes to catch up on my reading.  It was during one of these checks that I came across an article depicting the five steps to writing a best seller and a subsequent vlog. 

This was great timing as I was searching for a resource such as the one I am sharing today.  For those of us who believe there is a story inside of us waiting to escape, this week’s link is for you.

To Write a Best-selling Business Book, Hold Nothi…:

Til next time,
“Let him who would move the world first move himself.” – Socrates

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