Today marks the end of our joint reading of The Millionaire Next Door.  It feels like it was yesterday when we began this journey together.  It is your support and likes that have motivated me to search the text for material with the most universal appeal to different readers

Along the way I have learned valuable lessons about myself as well as identified areas for improvement.   My most poignant reminder through this reading is to display the financial behavior I want my children to emulate and to resist the impulse to give them material gifts.

It’s a bittersweet moment as I post these last questions for reflection.  If you have enjoyed this reading and would like to suggest a title for our next joint reading, please let me know.  Until then,  here is the final chapter.

1.  Why are the self employed more likely to be millionaires millionaires than those who work for others?

2. TRUE or FALSE  Most people/business owners who make it big follow the rules. 

3.  What path should you encourage your college aged children to pursue,  entrepreneurship or continuing education?   Defend why this is a good option for your child.  Identify resources that can assist them and you?

4.  The authors list uncontrollable factors within business.  What are the uncontrollable factors in your life and what can you do to address them?

5.   What advice did the Holocaust survivor give his adult children?

6.  What is the definition of success profiled in the chapter?

7.  Courage is ____?

8.  How do entrepreneurs conquer fear?

Til next time,
“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning”  Christopher Morley

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