Happy Millionaire Monday!

This week brings us one step closer to the end of our journey through the Millionaire Next Door.  While this book was written years prior to this review, many of the principles remain current and applicable today.  In fact, this week’s chapter is more relevant than ever because of the abundance of opportunities available to those who will take the time to pursue their own development.

Technology makes it possible for anyone to find their niche.  Not just find one, but to create a niche.  It only requires designated time for research and implementation.  Creating a niche is no longer an impossible opportunity which requires luck.  A niche can be created with a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop computer. 

Take a moment and ask yourself two questions:
1.  What is your niche? 
2.  Is it creating wealth for your family?

As you ponder the answer to those questions, Indicated below are this week’s questions for reflection.  Hope you find them empowering.

1.  Why are you not wealthy?

2.  The authors indicated which populations as target areas for business opportunities?

3.  True   or    False      If my clients have little to no money then I can become wealthy.

4.  Rodeo Drive houses many consumer driven businesses which cater to the affluent.  Using this location as an example, who are the other recipients of the affluent’s spending?

5.  This chapter highlights the factors the affluent consider when choosing the professionals profiled.  Which characteristics can you identify with?  How can you incorporate this knowledge into your life? 

6.  True or False   People who are interested in targeting the wealthy need to know the geographic distribution of opportunities.  What tools are available for this task?

One more chapter and we must say good bye to this insightful book BUT not the lessons we have learned.  If you have any suggestions for our next read, please let me know.  Don’t forget it must be a book that allows us to meet our goals of Motivate, Inspire, Dream & Achieve.

Til next time,
Success often comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road – Laing Burns, Jr

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