How quickly Millionaire Monday arrives.  I have a confession to make, it took me a little while before I could relate to this chapter.  After reviewing the first few pages a second time, I realized that this chapter can easily be relevant to all adult children.  While the affluent are the subject of the research study, the title of this chapter clearly demonstrated that affirmative action is something all families dish out when their is a perceived need. 

I found myself conjuring up images of people in the news who fit each one of the examples profiled.  This practice made Chapter 6 more personable.  I especially loved the Ten Rules for Affluent Parents and Productive Children.  Dr. North’s gift from his children reminded me so much of a gift my kids might put together for us.  I also identified with rule 10, tell your children that there are a lot of things more valuable than money.  These are lessons, I want to impart to my children.  These are my favorites, what was yours?

Questions for Reflection:
1.  What do affluent parents communicate to their daughters?  What are you communicating to your sons?  your daughters?

2.  What has been communicated to Beth and her husband?  What has Ann & her husband learned from Beth?

3.  What are three words to describe Cinderella Sarah?

4.  How does Sarah define maturity?

5.  How does Mr. Ring give gifts?

6.  What did Dr. North teach his children?  How did Dr. North teach his children?

7.  Why doesn’t Dr. North give cash gifts?  How will this impact your gift giving in the future?

8.  What did Ken’s father teach him?  Do you agree with Ken’s father?  What lessons are you teaching those around you?

9.  What did Ken learn as a busboy?

10.  List four things we should tell our children are more valuable than money?

Til next time,
Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down – Oprah Winfrey

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