Millionaire Monday is here again.  I never thought this series would last as long as it has and I have each of you to thank for demonstrating your interest in this subject.  This week’s chapter was a little harder for me to get through because I couldn’t empathize with the topic but the more I read, the more reality creeped in.  I realized that most of us demonstrate acts of Economic Outpatient Care at least one time in our lifetime.

It is the frequency associated with the delivery of Economic Outpatient Care that gets our loved ones into trouble.  When I selected this book, my original plan was to post six questions a week but each chapter has proven to hold much more information that I feel needs to be shared.  Thus, without further ado – This week’s questions for self-reflection.

1.  What is Economic Outpatient Care (EOC)?

2.  According to the author, how is the affluent population defined?

3.  Why do older individuals increase their EOC?

4.  What can you learn from Mary & Lamar?

5.  What happens to adults who sit around waiting for their next dose of EOC?

6.  What did the author indicate as the single most factor contributing to low productivity?

7.  What is the value you place on private education?  Luxury automobiles? Foreign travel?  Lovely home?

8.  True or False Gift receivers frequently are overachievers in generating income.

9.  Describe the “Montage Effect.”

10.  How do adult children of the affuent become PAWS?

11.  Describe Beryl & Susan’s upbringing?

12.  What is the fundamental rule regarding wealth building?

13.  Are you more like Henry or Josh?  Are you happy with this similarity?

14.  What is the best thing you can teach your children?

15.  What is Economic Inpatient Care (EIC)?

16.  What are the characteristics profiled regarding successful business owners?

17.  Taking _______ _______ is evidence of courage.

18.  How do we instill courage in our children?

19.  What does contributed to Laura’s success?

Til next time,
“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change” – Confucius

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