Most people, or maybe just me, dread the beginning of the work week.  I am one of those people that enjoy working on Fridays but abhor working on Mondays. 

There was a time when I knew Mondays as Meetings Day but it seems that my schedule has left Mondays wide open for me to pursue the completion of several projects.  So in the hopes that this week will be a productive one, here are a few of my go to quotes which motivate and inspire me.

“If you can’t manage yourself, you can’t manage your time. Discipline and self-control are what get you on track to execute your plans by managing your time effectively!” – Israelmore Ayivor

“When we procrastinate,  we also put a hold on happiness.” – Charles F. Glassman

“I am told by people all the time that they simply do not have time to read and listen to all the material they have purchased or subscribed to. But time is democratic and just. Everyone has the same amount. When I choose to read with my mid morning coffee break and you choose to blather about trivia with friends, when I choose to study for an hour sitting on my backyard deck at day’s end but you choose to watch a TIVO’d American Idol episode, we reveal much. When someone says he does not have the time to apply himself to acquiring the know-how required to create sufficient value for his stated desires, he is a farmer surrounded by ripe fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and a herd of cattle on his own property who dies of starvation, unable to organize his time and discipline himself to eat.” – Dan S. Kennedy

Til next time,
“You can never learn less, you can only learn more.” – R. Buckminster Fuller

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