Happy July, the month of independence in the good ol USA.  While independence in America is celebrated every July 4, let’s make the decision to celebrate our independence from inactivity each day of our lives.

Inactivity is what we do each day when we fail to work towards the achievement of our goals.  Inactivity is when we fail to make goals.  Inactivity is what we do when we take comfort in the position we hold now and stop looking towards the future.  Inactivity begins with our fears which impact our confidence and force our minds to operate on autopilot with predetermined destinations known as work, home, and nothing else.

Zig Ziglar explains it better with this quote: “You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”

This quote reminds me of what I love the most about Zig Ziglar’s wisdom, his positivity & humbleness.   If you have never heard of this inspirational originator of the leadership & motivation movement , then now is the time to introduce yourself.  Your introduction could be through one of his many books, the ziglar.com website, or the Inspiring words with Zig Ziglar podcast (my favorite).  The podcast is available through iTunes, Tune In Radio App, and other podcast providers.  I have also subscribed through my RSS feeder Feedly.

Each episode of the podcast is at most fifteen minutes in duration so it is a great motivational tool during your morning commute, evening commute, workout, etc.  It is my hopes that you will find him as inspirational as I do and agree that his message is timeless.

Til next time,

“The decisions we make, make the life we like” Lysa Terkeurst


  1. Another job well done. I’ve saideveral times Zig Ziglar is a favorite of mine and have been for years. Thanks for the reintroduction to me. I look forward to using the suggestions you gave. Inactivity, another killer of time and the mind. Thanks and keep posting.

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