“There is a right time for everything and everything happens for a reason.” The last few weeks I lost sight of this perspective and found myself missing my daily motivation. 

Motivation is one thing I cannot live without.  A lesson I learned over these past weeks.  Instead of feeling empowered, I felt drained.  Instead of inspiring others, I disappeared inside of myself.  All because my schedule didn’t include my daily motivation.

To motivate is to “pull out” or “draw out” what is inside of a person. A motivated person is more productive, sometimes dramatically so, than the unmotivated person. Motivation is an energizer which makes people friendlier, happier and healthier, all of which are significant. ~Zig Ziglar

Someone else (either yourself or a friend) may find themselves feeling drained just as I did.  This is when we must give them understanding but not enable them to languish in that state.  That is when you must remind them of their ambitions and the reasons they chose their goals.

Sometimes a gentle nudge or a few encouraging words are just what someone needs to get back on track. And who knows, you may have given them their motivation for today.

Til next time,
“The decisions we make, make the life we like” Lysa Terkeurst

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  1. You’ve rediscovered a valuable lesson and I thank you for sharing it. I’m encouraged to see you admit times of non productivity, also, to give a suggestion of how to recharge,
    Thank you for helping me to get undrained and recharged.

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