I am a self-professed movie addict. If there was a support group for my addiction, I would definitely be one of the first in line. Thankfully life with my teen and toddler do not allow me much time to support my addiction. On those rare days, I get a few hours to go to a theater I recognize my preference leads to anything with action and special effects. You won’t find me in horror movies or chic flicks.

Last month I was able to take in a movie and my crazy mind found me pulling out my cell phone to quickly jot down a few lessons that struck me as must share material. The movie I took in was The Last Stand which had Arnold Schwarzenegger defending his small town from an escaped drug cartel kingpin’s henchman. Loved, Loved, Loved the driving stunt work.

So without further delay, here are my top 3 must share lessons:
1. Take an oath and abide by it – Your word must mean something. Once you agree to an act or a job, you must see it through.  There is an old saying, your word is your bond.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and it only takes one time of breaking your oath to ruin your reputation.
2. Always have a contingency plan – The best laid plans sometimes go astray.  Thus it is in your best interest to have an alternate plan.  Think of it like this, your goals are just as important as your life.  Organizations have written emergency plans and so should you. It would make you fearful if you discovered there was a tornado reflected back in your rear view mirror when the weather service informed you one was on the way.  How would you feel if you saw the same reflection and no alert came through your favorite satellite radio station, the Weather Channel?  Confused? Helpless?  That is what you do to your life when you fail to plan.
3. Just because you are out manned and out gunned doesn’t mean you can’t win – There will always be people with degrees from better colleges who grew up in better neighborhoods and had every advantage available to children today.  However, that will only get them in the door it takes talent and perseverance to keep the opportunity.  Last week, I posted about five successful celebs without a college degree.  They are proof of the power of perseverance.

There were several other things I found quite interesting within this movie but I don’t wan’t to prevent someone from going out and seeing it for themselves.   It did prompt me to wonder, Do you get inspired by movies you see?  What was the movie and how were you inspired?

Til next time,

“Action expresses priorities” – Mohandas Gandhi

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  1. Thanks again, you’ve successfully made me feel the guilt of NOT, whatever I’m not doing is hurting me now. Great wake up call. Thank you.

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