Sometimes in life you have those moments when it appears the one thing you needed will drop into your lap even though you weren’t aware it was missing.  This weekend the universe dropped an interesting YouTube clip into my inbox.  When the sender first brought this video to my attention, I ran with my first impulse which was to ask to view it.  A few minutes later when my email alerted me to its arrival I had forgotten the reason I requested it thus it sat unopened.

A few days later, I found myself gravitating to the video and today I found the time to view it in its entirety without interruptions.  I must admit I watched it and immediately had a reaction.  It made me want to make people smile by providing them with positive reinforcement.

The video demonstrates the effect, whether positive or negative,one person can have on every person they come in contact with.  The ripple effect of these interactions are also highlighted.  It is my hope that you will find time to view this video and make the decision to validate the people you encounter today.  The lessons demonstrated are invaluable and never expire.

Til next time,

“Action expresses priorities” – Mohandas Gandhi

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