Tell Your Time by Amy Andrews is a book I recommended on last week.  It is with great pleasure that I post I my review.  I guess it is obvious I enjoyed the book since I began with it is with great pleasure.  Here’s my top five reasons for giving my seal of approval:

1) For the grand ole price of $0, I got more than my money’s worth.  Not only are the tips adaptable to each readers life circumstances, they are also explained simply and logically with completed examples from the author.

2) The book was shorter in length than I anticipated so it could realistically take the reader a few days to get through it.  It took me a little longer than I anticipated because, well, I have a two-year old at home.  Not withstanding the toddler who continually interrupted me, the writer made a boring topic interesting and thus it held my interest.

3) The author included links to her website where she had additional tools to assist her readers in making over their schedules.  Each link was included within the explanation for the activity of the chapter.  This gift allows the reader to have a place to return and get additional tips along the scheduling process.

Many of her tips were not new to me but she put a twist on them that not only made me want to give them a try but to also recommend them to my colleagues and employees.  So that’s it folks.  Go out and read the book or at least visit her website.  Afterwards, let me know if you were able to “Manage your schedule so you can live free.”

Til next time,

“Action expresses priorities” – Mohandas Gandhi

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