Happy Monday Readers,

This is a day many individuals hate to face, the beginning of a new work week. The day which heralds a reminder that the weekend was just not long enough. At least for me that is. I would much prefer to do work from home on Monday, as I find I am so much more diligent and focused when I am away from the office. But since that is not an option for me as of late, I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. Why you may ask? Well Mondays signal a new beginning, an opportunity to start on a new project or assignment.(that’s the love part)

However, this feeling of euphoria with conquering a new task only last or the time it takes to address the first question which arises on my office phone. It seems like that first call signals the onslaught of a change in itinerary.(that’s the hate part)

So how do you refocus your energies when you either 1) don’t want to or 2) have gotten distracted and off course?

Step 1: You remind yourself of the why? Why is this task, job, or project important to you?

Step 2: You identify the what? What is blocking you from success or completion?

Step 3: You surround your environment with the how? How can you make your environment more conducive to success?

Step 1 – If you are like me and work for someone else, the why could easily be because your boss said so. But that reason doesn’t help me get my early Monday Pre-phone call Mojo back. So I prefer to focus on this thought, “I do what I do because it increases my skill set and allows me to broaden by opportunities for advancement.” That usually works to give me a kick in the pants but when it doesn’t I move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Blocking me from completion is usually constant interruption so I force myself to sit at my desk for a minimum of two hours with a sign on the office door of the picture on this post. (it is the actual posting that hangs on my door) Once the door is closed I have another posting of the quote “Procrastination is the Assassination of Motivation” by Anthony Robbins. The point of all this for me is that I identify what is keeping me from getting the task done. I am easily distracted so this helps me. But you may not have the option of closing your door and posting materials which will allow you uninterrupted time so that is when step 3 becomes handy.

Step 3 – The environment you work in has a lot to do with your comfort and productivity. Some people find it soothing to have an office decorated like their home, others like nothing but white walls and office equipment, while still others can make a cubicle look like a celebrity decorated Manhattan apartment. Whatever the decor the important thing is to make your environment conducive to you. Surround yourself with items which make you feel good. The better you feel the harder you work.

Find your productivity killer and send it on all expense paid trip to the Twilight Zone and you will find that Mondays aren’t so bad after all.

Til next time,

“Action expresses priorities” – Mohandas Gandhi


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