Every once in awhile an idea sparks your intellect and burrows a whole until it is firmly planted in your mind with interest growing daily in your spirit and soul.  Simple words, gestures, photos, songs, etc bring you back to the idea until you take action.  In my case, until I put pen to paper and thought into motion.

What is the great idea which haunts my brain and my nights you ask?  The idea is an age old premise sparked by a quote I read by Zig Ziglar, “Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”  When I read this quote, I inherently thought back to my childhood where our home bookshelf was full of encyclopedias and books of every subject.  We also spent a considerable amount of time at libraries and my #1 request for birthday and holiday gifts were books to read and money to buy books.  Books were always my best friend, vacation, and confidence booster.

I have forced this desire on my teenage daughter and have been instilling it in my toddler as he grows but I noticed, lately we have spent more time surrounded by the big TV (and only TV in the house) in our living room.  It was time to get back to my first love and forcing  encouraging my daughter back to the written word.  But not just any word, into words worlds of possibility.  Of course you noticed I crossed out the words and replaced it with worlds of possibility because we live in a technological age and that technology makes it possible for them to experience so much more than just books.  The world now makes it advantageous to live out another of my favorite quotes this time by Audrey Hepburn “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”  (Yeah, I am a huge quote junkie but that is for a later post)

So now back to my idea.  I want to demonstrate to my children what I preach to them (or at least my teen right now), no matter how much money you have an education is possible.  In discussing this with several friends and family members and attempting to convince them to help me out, no takers yet, I thought public scrutiny would require me to stick to my plan.  So step one of putting pen to paper and bringing this idea to life began.  Introducing M.I.D.A.  Each week I commit to posting about the lessons I have learned from a variety of medias. Examples include my number one favorite, the written word, as well as mediums such as podcasts, blogs, video, radio, & tv to name a few.

I am calling this segment, The M.I.D.A Project.  Motivate, Inspire, Dream, Achieve.  Because I am not great on staying true to one theme, I like the aspect of variety The M.I.D.A Project allots me.

Well that’s it for this moment.  Idea implementation has begun.  Stay tuned for more posts.

Til next time,
“Action expresses priorities” – Mohandas Gandhi


  1. Tiff,

    Very proud of you for doing this. Growing up, the library was one of my favorite past times. It also babysat me all throughout school. Keep me posted.

  2. How very interesting to read you are a quote follower so am I. To hear through the words & worlds of others gives me insight, courage, inspiration & determination to dream and or try to live it. There is much appreciation given to how you try to teach the importance of learning to your children, I am also an admirer of Zig Ziglar.I’m sooo proud of you, thanks

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